This is the home of frindo a new open source mobile robotics platform.

slider2frindo is an open source mobile robotics platform specifically designed for a wide variety of control electronics including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other micro-controller boards.

frindo has been designed so that you can start off with a simple, low-cost robot which can grow with you as your skill and confidence grows; making it an ideal platform for Education and Research projects.

The basic mechanics are already taken care of; there are mounting locations for both Raspberry Pi and Arduino as well the motors, batteries, sensors and so on. If necessary the chassis can be easily drilled to add different controllers and new accessories. Freeing you up to focus on the bits that interest you most.

More than just a robot; we’re really hoping that frindo.org will become a lively community of users, students, teachers and researchers all contributing their experiences, photos and projects back to the community to help build a great robotics resource for everyone!

We’re just getting started on the content for frindo.org so please bear with us … there will be lots more information added over the next few days and weeks!

Why not start by check out the “Getting Started Guide“?

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